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In the ever-evolving digital landscape, Google Analytics 4 (GA4) has emerged as a tool to shape how we understand and engage with our customers.
While the transition from Universal Analytics (UA) to GA4 may seem daunting, it brings a host of new features that have the potential to revolutionize your product marketing strategies.

Join us for this interactive 2-hour workshop specifically designed for product teams, where we’ll delve into the core aspects of GA4, decoding its functionality and demonstrating how it can optimize your workflow.

This workshop will cover:
1. Introduction to GA4: Get familiar with GA4’s interface and gain an overview of its new data collection and interpretation approach.
2. UA vs. GA4: Understand the key differences between UA and GA4. This comparison will clarify why GA4 is not merely a successor but a new tool built to cater to modern marketing needs.
3. How can Product Teams use the new GA4 features?: Learn how the new features of GA4 can seamlessly integrate with your regular workflows and empower your strategies.
4. Events and Conversions: Discover how GA4 redefines user interactions with a more granular view of events and conversions, allowing you to track user journeys more accurately.
5. Segments and Audiences: Explore how GA4’s advanced segmentation and audience features can help you customize user experiences and enhance engagement.
6. Reports and Explorations: Dive into GA4’s robust reporting capabilities and flexible exploration features, enabling you to extract valuable insights and drive data-informed decisions.

July 7, 15:00 – 17:00 EEST

  • 1 Live, Online Session | No recording
  • 25 Limited Seats
  • €119 (All fees included)
Juliana Jackson







Evidence-based growth expert & international speaker on Conversion Optimization. Ton is the brain behind the A/B testing mastery course at CXL Institute & Legend of Experimentation 2023 award winner.

Oct 6th, 10:00 - 13:00 EEST, Bucharest

Make A/B Testing Your Secret Growth Weapon

Join the famous Ton Wesseling, evidence-based growth expert & international speaker on Conversion Optimization.

Attend this masterclass on proven, result-oriented tactics that will make your product and organization more successful by adopting a solid experimentation and validation approach.

It’s great for individuals, but even better if multiple team members join!

October 6th, 10:00 – 13:00 EEST
Workshop taking place in-person in Bucharest, exact location TBA  

(Digital) marketing managers / leads / specialists CRO / Conversion managers / specialists Growth managers / leads / marketers / specialists Product owners and product managers UX managers / leads / designers / researchers / specialists

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