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April 5 & 7

Customer research - Get actionable learnings from your user interviews

Steve Portigal

Experienced user researcher, book author, key-note speaker

Interviewing your customers is undeniably one of the most valuable and commonly used user research tools, but doing great interviews does not always mean impactful outcomes on the product. Learn how to do a proper debriefing after the interviews, and how to analyze and synthesize actionable learnings from the answers you've got.

Product Managers Product Leaders Founders Marketers Communication Specialists
March 11 & 15

Silicon Valley Metrics: Align your team on the most impactful work

Matt Lerner

Ex-Growth Director at PayPal, ran 500 Startups Europe's growth marketing program, lectured at Stanford Business School.

Is your team moving in too many directions? Does this feel like progressing only randomly through trial and error? What if we told you the Silicon Valley secret was a 16-row spreadsheet? Amazon, Google, Facebook, PayPal, Twitter - all the world’s top tech companies have a North Star Metric and 3 “key drivers” because that simple framework has incredible power to align and focus the team. Now you can get yours.

Product Managers Product Leaders Founders Marketers Communication Specialists
March 10 & 17

The Innovator’s Gift: Uncover The Problems Users Have And Build Better Products

Ash Maurya

Customer development and lean startup expert, creator of the Lean Canvas, best-selling author of "Running Lean" and "Scaling Lean"

Your awesome new product, once launched, will spew out problems of its own. The key to staying relevant to your customers and defending/growing your business model does not come from throwing more features (solutions) at them, but rather continuously uncovering problems and addressing them — before your competitors do.

Product leaders Product managers Founders CEOs
FEBRUARY 15 & 17

Product Roadmaps


Author, Speaker, Founder at Product Culture

Based on Bruce’s best-selling book, "Product Roadmaps Relaunched: How to Set Direction while Embracing Uncertainty", you will learn in this hands-on virtual workshop why this approach to roadmapping works and how you can improve product roadmapping in your organization.

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